Write For Love

An ode to writing and love <3

Use your words as an expression of love, even if you are writing out your anger, frustration, bitterness, even hatred, but let the basis, the platform that you stand on, be one of love. It already is. We are expression of love itself– love not as romantic or parental but love as the substance which propels trees to grow, the sun to keep shining, the moon to come out at night. Love that causes wounds to heal and our skin to create scabs, the body to naturally fight cancer cells, love that causes us to be part of the cycle of birth and death.

Love on a cellular level. Love that breathes us into existence. Love that takes us into this world and then takes us out. Choosing love is choosing life. There is no difference, no separation. Write for the love of existence itself and because your words will show people that they are not alone. So write what you love, not what will get you published, what will make your parents happy. The book will create itself around that enthusiasm, because like a flower, like a tree that grows out of love, out of what is natural, what is right, what makes the most sense coming out of you, what is most authentic, it will bloom and blossom.

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  1. Brandee says:

    I love your writing.
    Your voice is undeniably real…

    Thank you!

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