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  1. Larry Gumbs says:

    Well, Hope you did not go into Yoga for $$, I know already three teachers who are struggling..it does NOT pay, unless your picture is in Yoga Journal each issue..LOL..
    Unfortunately, people pay much more to watch a movie, or see a concert, even though it means their muscles are entering “terminal atrophy”, and their brains are becoming moldy..too bad..(:<

  2. It’s an interesting conversation. You CAN make a living teaching yoga, you just need to work out how. I’ve been doing it for almost ten years as my full-time gig…

    Love that you started this conversation, Barbara Joy, and love that you tagged it ‘bravery’. Because that’s exactly what’s needed x

    • Barbara Joy says:

      Thanks Nadine! Would love to hear more about how you do it– maybe you can do a series about that on your blog! :) I know lots of teachers who are struggling and would love to become more financially stable, myself included!

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