I was enlightened yesterday

In a world of spiritual teachers and writing teachers, and all kinds of teachers, it all comes back to you.

You. You. You.

A man told me yesterday that he’s enlightened (seriously) and it caused my brain to explode. But he also told me to follow my own path, to speak my truth.

This was the irony of all ironies– the crux of my enlightenment. I didn’t want to talk to this man anymore and trusting that I should follow my gut reaction, to follow my own path and speak my truth, to say no, I don’t trust you or want your spiritual advice, well– that’s what did it.

I tend not to say how I’m feeling because I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings and I often doubt myself.

But now I’m enlightened. Now I know it’s all bullshit.

Another fast track to enlightenment : at the end of the movie, Enlighten Up, when Nick goes to visit the Guru Sharan Ananda at his ashram outside of Gokul, India, he asks him, “What would make you religious or spiritual?”

The response?

“Be yourself. Be your true self.”


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