The Brilliance of JK Ro Ro

JK Rowling continues to impress me. And not just because of Harry Potter or the flashy new website or even that she’s written a new book for adults. Well, okay, it’s pretty much because of all those things.

But right now it’s mostly because I can’t imagine writing a book knowing that the whole world is waiting with baited breath to read it. Talk about the pressure. But she did it with all the Harry Potter books and now she’s doing it again. Yet I can easily imagine an author collapsing under the strain and never writing another book.

Obviously that’s not how Ro Ro rolls. Just check out her amazing graduation speech, aptly titled The Fringe Benefits of Failure. This is a speech I revisit over and over throughout the year, and is particularly appropriate during graduation season when spring time reminds us to begin again, follow our dreams, and say “f you” to the fear of failure.

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  1. Anjanette says:

    So true Barb! George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones) is the same way… people wait years for him to write the next one. He remains non affected by it, tells people he doesn’t owe them anything and releases it when he’s done! Not quite as friendly as JK Ro but same idea – he just writes his truth!! If you don’t like it too bad haha but obviously everyone does.

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