So You Want to Change the World?

A lot of us who go into the helping professions (teaching, counseling, advocacy, etc.) do so because of our desire to inspire change and make the world a better place. This is the reason I studied nonprofit management in graduate school, became a yoga teacher, and yes, even the reason I write. (In fact, sometimes it seems like writing is teaching, counseling and advocacy all in one— even in fiction.)

So how do we change things? “Not change the world exactly, but the bit around you” as David Nicholls in One Day writes?

Well… we can Do Good Things. Because the truth is we never know how far our reach is. Our impact is so much greater than what we can see.

“We can do no great things; only small things with great love.” -Mother Theresa

As some of you already know, I am the Krew Chief for LI Karma Krew, a community-based initiative whose mission, with your help, is to infuse the world with more positive energy by promoting acts of kindness, service, and community outreach in its many forms.

We work mostly through yoga studios to establish new opportunities for yogis from all styles and lineages to come together with the intention of serving the greater good. 

This month is our Pay It Forward/Do Good Things Campaign.

The Do Good Things campaign is as simple as it sounds.

Do Good Things.


Think of these cards as your reminders. It’s simple.

Step 1: Donate $1* in exchange for a Do Good Things card at your local yoga studio

Step 2: Perform an act of kindness and leave a DGT card behind

Step 3: When the recipient of your deed sees the card, they’ll know it’s their turn to “pay it forward.” As simple as that a new thread of kindness has been born!

*All donations will go towards buying fresh produce for a food pantry in Wyandanch!

Don’t Break the Chain!


LI Karma Karma Krew bought DGT cards from Karma Krew National

->100% of the proceeds go to support outreach efforts such as bringing yoga to at- risk youth



YOU go out and spread some love with Do Good Things cards

->Others Go out and Do Good Things



$ Donated by Balance Yoga from Charity Event-> LI Karma Krew


With $ from cards bought by YOU

->Karma Krew will purchase fresh produce for a food pantry in Wyandanch



Every day there is an opportunity for service. Here are some fun ideas for how to use your DGT cards.

•   Buy a meal or drink for a young couple or family sitting next to you at a restaurant or behind you in the drive through. Leave the DGT card with the server to give them after you leave

•   Tape a quarter to a pay phone with the DGT card.

•   Send a greeting card to someone for no particular reason. Include the DGT card.

•   Donate old books to the library and leave a DGT card in each book.

•   Fill up someone’s parking meter and leave a DGT card on the windshield.

•   Clean up the office “kitchen area” and leave the DGT card on the table.

•   Leave an extra large tip for your food server with a DGT card.

•   Leave a bouquet of flowers on someone’s front door step.

•   Bake goodies and take them to the police station, fire station, or hospital.

•   Let someone skip you in the long line in the post office.

•   Pay a local teen to mow an elderly neighbor’s yard.

•   Pick up litter on the street or in someone’s yard and leave a DGT card in the mailbox.

•   Leave your change in the vending machine with a DGT card for the next person.

•   Pay for the person’s toll behind you and leave a DGT card with the service agent.

•   Give someone a hug for no particular reason. Hand them a DGT card afterwards.

•   Give up your seat on public transportation just for fun.

•   Take ten minutes from your day and hold the door for people coming out of a local store. Hand each person a DGT card as they leave.

•   Collect all the shopping carts left in the parking lot and bring them back to the store front.


More about Do Good Things Cards:

Share how you used your Do Good Thing Card in the comments below!

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  1. Stefanie says:

    These are great suggestions. How nice to find your blog!

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