Making Time

That’s one of the hardest things about writing and yoga– you really have to make time for it. And even if you get out of sync for a few days– miss your writing schedule or personal practice time, it seems that much harder to get back in to the routine.

Right now I just want to relax instead of work on my novel. And later I’ll probably want to watch House Hunters International instead of meditate. Yet I know if I write or meditate I’ll feel really good and happy and satisfied.  What’s up with that?  Why do we so often turn away from what benefits us?

Oh well, I will cuddle with this pillow a little longer and then I’ll get back to work. How about you?

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  1. Larry Gumbs says:

    well, I know so well how that can be! many days, i just want to lie around, read, do crosswords, and CHILL..but the mind knows..Inactivity will cause the body to “break down”, so I am off and running whenever I can..
    take yoga, for instance, by evening, I can stay home and relax, but after doing a yoga session, I am invigorated,and not even hungry, even if I was famished at 5PM..

  2. Cammi says:

    I relate to your post. I too love to write, practice yoga and meditate…but I am somewhat obsessed with House Hunters International…lol. I believe that balance is key to being happy. Plus, if I catch a great episode of HHI it may just provide me with inspiration for the day’s meditation. That, or daydreaming about all the beautiful places I plan to visit…

    • Barbara Joy says:

      yes, definitely Cammi! I find that HHI really does help clarify my goals for the future– where I want to live and what I want my life to be like. Haha. It’s really a great show for dreaming!

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