Taking The Leap and Putting Yourself Out There

So I’ve decided to join the countless others in the pursuit of “building an author platform.” Social Media, here I come!

For me the scariest thing about publishing and teaching has always been the “putting yourself out there” part. Sure, I could practice yoga on my own. I could keep my words hidden in the computer or on scraps of paper or even in the hollows of my mind where beautiful words taste so good. But if I want to publish, if I want to teach and “influence” people (more on that another time), I need to go out and say, hellooo world! No hiding behind corners, no holding back.

Teaching yoga- getting up there everyday and speaking in front of others, saying what I know to be true- is one of the most challenging and rewarding ways to put yourself in front of others. The interaction is immediate and if I stumble, my students notice. The path to publishing is very much less immediate (too much less immediate it can seem sometimes) but just like with teaching and this new blog, it means being open to criticism, to people not liking what I have to offer or say. 

In both cases, I say it, I write it, and it’s in the universe. Can’t take it back.

But the only way to realize any dream is to take the leap and trust what you know to be true despite what others may think.

What leap are you willing to take right now to follow your dreams? Does it require “putting yourself out there” in the public eye? 

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  1. Larry Gumbs says:

    Happy Blogging! sounds like a good new direction..I salute you..most impoortant.HAVE fun!!

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