Breath-centered yoga for freedom & empowerment

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Yoga-Inspired Art

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Yoga. Art. Writing. Made with Love by Barbara Joy

Love, Bjoy

Handmade yoga-inspired artwork made with love by Barbara Joy.


Articles and blog posts centered around yoga, connection, fearlessness.

Meditation in Motion

Deeply nourishing yoga classes. Loving-kindness + mindfulness = compassionate approach.

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What students are saying...

“Barbara is a first-rate yoga instructor who cares deeply about the welfare of her students. She stresses the importance of synchronizing breath with movement, as most yoga teachers do, but for some inexplicable reason her class is the only one I can actually do that. She has an excellent understanding of anatomy and how to avoid potential injuries and has helped me modify my practice to accommodate some medical issues.”

John V.

“When I enter the yoga studio, I know that I will feel welcome. You always seem happy to see me, and share the same warmth with all the students, new and returning. In class, I feel like I will be taken to another place than where I came from. We are complimented by you for our efforts, and never criticized. Because I do not feel I am being judged, I believe I do my best. It’s never the same class, but it’s always the same feeling. And as much as I get sad momentarily when I hear you going for the tingsha bells, I love the quotes you choose before we sit up, which somehow always hit the right chord. I am very grateful that I found you and your class to keep me grounded in this crazy world.”

DeeDee S.

“Even if I arrive tired and hungry, I never feel that way when I leave! She worries about my posture, hearing, head rest. So that means she knows who I AM, not just a body in the class. That is important to me.”

Larry G.


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